Helen, the young ambassador

In 03 November 1995 E.C, Helen Yemane was born and grew up at the heart of Mekelle city, Kedamay Woyane sub city, tabia Zesilassie. When her age reached for preschool education, she was admitted to Elshaday Kindergarten in 1999 at the age of three.

During her stay at the kindergartenin 2000 E.C, she graduated earning 100% score out of the five subjects issued.Thereafter in 2001 E.C, she went to Hatsey Yohanes Primary School and became a 1st grader. Since then, she has done an exemplary work in actively contributing her role in terms of resolving multi-dimensional social hiccups and mobilizing people for the construction of the great renaissance dam.

Based on the tenet of TDA, Helen,the young ambassador, can contribute to herself, her country and region while an enabling setting, which advances her horizon and issues proper skills and knowledge, is created. Following the scholarship given to Helen to learn in Kallamino Special Secondary School, which is under the umbrella of TDA, shenowbecomesa grade 12th student.

While Helen is popular in assisting TDA and other segments of the society in need from the rewards she collected from presenting poems and innovations of science and technologyin different events, she is the young girl who exhaustively engages in creating platforms through mobilizing people to help TDA by showing up at various regional, national festivals as well as at events organized by TDA as a TDA ambassador.