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Honorable DR. Mark Gelfand, a US citizen has been actively devoting his time and energy to support TDA in building schools, research facilities for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).

Mr. Mark’s humanitarian services are not only limited in Tigray; he is also giving his support to thirteen different research facilities for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) in our country. In addition, Mr. Mark is giving a direct support for at least twenty thousand summer outreach students at Mekelle, Aksum University and Bahir Dar University by facilitating all the necessary school materials so as to create an innovative generation to help the country moving forward. Mr. Mark supported in building four preparatory schools and a completed Virtual Computer Center.


 In addition, Hon dr. Mark is planning to build a Center for Science and Museum in Universities of Mekelle and Aksum. Mr. Mark’s award of appreciation was given at the presence of the Governor of the State of Tigray Mr. Abay Woldu and other cabinet members. Director of Tigray Development Association Dr. Tadele Hagos says that Honorable Dr Mark believes in order to bring a sustainable development of a country we need to create a well-educated manpower.


As a result, he is actively devoting his time and energy in helping to build different facilities of science and technology to benefit the people of Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda and South Sudan.” Mr. Mark on his side states that “he is an engineer, and he is planning to help students actively engage in science and technology so as to help themselves and their country in general.” During his stay, Mr. Mark Gelfand visited the Center for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).

It was remembered that Mr. Mark Gelfand was awarded an Honorary Doctorate Degree for his humanitarian services from Aksum University.


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