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With a renewed spirit and commitment to support TDA's Mission, the Northern California TDA North American branch in the Bay Area, held a very successful TDA Night on Nov 30, 2013. The event was held In San Jose California and was well attended by people from all over the Northern California area.

According to board members, the event's main goal was to create awareness of TDA latest mission of building over 20 model high schools all over Tigray and to encourage the youth to get involved in the local chapter activity. The organizers could not be more happy to see the youth and the community willingness to help.

The Chairman and Secretary briefed the audience on the status of the local chapter and its success and challenges during the last year. The chairman applaud those who helped in the preparation and advertisement of the event introduced Salem and Kidan, two high school youth students from the community who delivered a very heartwarming inspirational speech.

Salem in her heartwarming speech thank the parents who have done so much until now. She reminded the youth by saying " I wanted to remind all the teenagers that are in high school now and to those that have started colleges to be active members of TDA and take a part in the good cause that the organization is tackling. It is our responsibility to take the torch forward from our parents to help our brothers and sisters back in Ethiopia"
To read Salem's speech ( click here)

Kidan another energetic very thoughtful youth reminded the youth and the parents why it is so crucial to help TDA and its pillar mission - expanding education to all . Kidan said "If we do not do anything to help Tigray then it will fall behind in education and everything else, and we worked too hard to come all this way for us to just stop now. TDA for everyone who does not know is the Tigray Development Association. They are the ones who throw the parties and festivities we always have. TDA is ran by our parents and family members, and we should appreciate them
for all they have done. " To read Kidan's speech(click here)

Members and invited guest were entertained with the mesmerizing and beautiful songs of Haftom, a very young aspiring upcoming talented artist and with the energetic and upbeat artists Temesgen accompanied by the every resourceful and talented keyboardist Layne.

Organizer and members pledge to continue the tradition and promised to make next year's event even more memorable and fruitful.

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