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Mai Kinetal is a small town found in the Wore'e Leke Werda of Central zone of Tigrai. The town hosts secondary and Preparatory Schools constructed by Tigrai Development Association with the financial support of Gelfund FoundationThe preparatory school named after Mr. Gelfund family, received 25 latest computers worth at an estimated cost of 150,000 Birr on the 28th of January 2013.

on the handing over ceremony, 11th grade students Zenia Ibrahim and Maesho Mekonen said " we have heard of computers but never seen on our own naked eyes; having these things in our school will scale up our know how on modern technologies". The students forward their appreciation and gratitude for those who work hard and fetch these computers to their school.
Dr. Tadele Hagos, the executive director of TDA, on his part disclosed that Tigrai Development Association has been constructed several primary and Secondary schools in all over Tigrai. The association is still planning to construct 21 new model and scale up 25 existing secondary schools in the coming three years. This, said Dr. Tadele, will take one step further to the efforts of expansion and ensuring quality of education in Tigrai. Further, he noted that the donation of these computers, he hopefully believes, alleviate partly the problems existed in the school and motivate the students to invent, operate and upgrade technologies.
on top of this, TDA together with its members, supporters and donors will try to accomplish the remaining tasks, promised Dr. Tadele. However, equipping the school with modern facilities alone worth nothing unless families send their kids to school and follow as well as understand their day to day moves. This, said Dr. Tadele, will definitely enable the school to produce good doctors, engineers etc who can play a significant role on the socio-economic development of our country.
The executive director concluded his speech by urging the students, teachers and administrators of the school to use the computers and other facilities economically and carefully.
Mr. Simon G/yesus, deputy administrator and education office head of Wereda Were'e Leke, on his part said, TDA's contribution on the expansion and ensuring quality education in the Wereda is so magnificent. This reveals that the association is a real partner and do magnificent efforts to alleviate the existing problems. The Wereda, said Mr. Simon, acknowledges the efforts and good doings of the association all the time. "Today's donation is a continuation of the usual good doings of TDA and I would, in the name of the Woreda and the People of Mai Kinetal, like to thank TDA and Mr. Mark's Gelfund foundation" said Mr. Simon. He, further, promised his administration and office will do their best to supply the school with different facilities including electricity in the near future.
Representatives of the public, on the other hand, explained that their kids were moving to nearby towns of Adwa and Edaga Arbi after completing 10th grade. Due to this, they were facing several social and economic challenges. This, due to the efforts of TDA and its development partners, become a history. Therefore, said the residents, their appreciation to TDA and its partners is beyond thanks.



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