Planned Projects

TDA has strategically planned to carry out a number of projects on education and health sectors. These are as follows:

  • Construct 30 secondary schools all over Tigrai, 12 of which are non-boarding model secondary schools built in 12 major towns of Tigrai in collaboration with EFFORT;
  • Build 16 science and technology centers in secondary and preparatory schools available in different woredas;
  • Establish virtual computer centers including offline digital library in all secondary schools of Tigrai that can give computer training to the primary schools around in order to create a computer-literate society;
  • Construct extra ten 0 classes;
  • In cooperation with Profuturo, institute digitalized learning of language and science in selected 240 complete primary schools;
  • Transform over 3 thousand makeshift classes through constructing blocks;
  • Implement soft program in 2,213 primary schools to help children grow better knowing the dignity and history of their Tigrian genuine identity and values of Tigrai and to shape them in a way to cherish their country and people;
  • Increase the enrolment capacity of Kallamino Special Secondary School from the existing number 581 to 800 in the next three years and in a few years to 1000;
  • Make Kallamino Special Secondary School a center of science and technology through strengthening the teaching and learning process;
  • Establish ICT centers in 197 secondary schools;
  • Introduce honor class program in 265 secondary schools that can help outstanding learners enjoy the university preparative educational support given by the most competent students, and university lecturers in a part-time base;
  • Build thirty primary schools across the region of Tigray;
  • In coordination with the most competent students and lecturers, arrange a countrywide voluntary educational service to be issued in each and every 265 secondary school that involves ten students each being spearheaded by a university instructor (,which totals2,915 students);
  • In collaboration with higher education institutions present in Tigrai, provide short term training on ICT to teachers of secondary schools;
  • In the next five years, found a globally competitive Tigray State University capable to produce talented students that can advocate for the benefit of Tigray. However, prior to action, activities like discussions with stakeholders; research-based selection of construction, research-based decision of necessary budget and preparation of concept design thereof be carried out.
  • Construct additional blocks in seven health stations;
  • Construct additional ten health posts;
  • Upgrade two health stations to medium level hospitals and modernize their health service system;
  • Import medical equipment worth more than 25 million;
  • Invite voluntary overseas and domestic medical experts to give professional service as well as transfer expertise and knowledge in the region;
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