About Kallamino Special Secondary School (KSSS)

Kallamino Special High School is a full scholarship boarding secondary school which receives excellent-result-scoring students of primary schools of Tigrai and prepares them for universities upon their completion.

Kallamino Special Secondary School (KSSS) was founded by Tigrai Development Association (TDA) in 1990 E.C with the objective to mitigate the existing regional and countrywide scarcities of skilled manpower in Science and Technology.

The other objective behind the establishment of this special secondary school was to creating a competitive spirit among talented students of primary schools across Tigrai region, as well as to scaling up the number of secondary school completed students entering universities.

Started with 60 students, Kallamino Special Secondary School has now increased its enrollment capacity to six hundred students; and thus TDA is presently working hard to help it boost its admission size to eight hundred in the next three years’ period from 2011-2013 E.C, and to one thousand in a few years later.

Establishment of STC

TDA plays a pivotal role in contributing a lot to the improvement of quality of education in Tigrai region in general and at national level through constructing thus far 24 centers of science and technology (including 18 centers underway) in secondary schools with the aim to create innovative competitive outstanding students. This would allow students the opportunity to practise, demonstrate, research and innovate what they have learnt in theory.


Tigrai State University

State University is a special college or other institute of higher education that TDA along with its stakeholders is contemplating to establish, given the needs, values, history and cultures of Tigrai, in order to produce globally competitive competent labour forces that can advocate for the benefit of Tigray and its people.

Coverage of Secondary Schools

TDA has become an instrumental development actor in Tigrai, especially in terms of boosting access, equity and quality of education through having thus far built 44 secondary schools (20%) out of the existing 265 secondary schools constructed by the government. TDA, by doing so, creates opportunities for male and female students who traveled a long distance in search of high schools, and thereby minimized drop outs.  

Honor Class Program

Honor class program is a kind of program that aims at helping outstanding learners enjoy the university preparative educational support being given every summer by their fellow competent students and university lecturers voluntarily and on a part-time basis.


Volunteerism is a form of prosocial behavior that involves a freely chosen decision to commit a sustained amount of time, skill and effort to helping another person, group, organization or cause, typically through a nonprofit organization.

TDA promotes volunteerism and thus has a number of professional and non-professional volunteers engaging in myriad social activities like providing free medical service to people in need, tutorial classes, trainings of any sort,  and others.

‘Dass’ to Class/Makeshift classes to standard buildings

Since its establishment in 1989 G.C, TDA has invested a great deal in trying to convert the makeshift/‘dass’ classes into standard educational facilities, thereby created comfortable teaching-learning environment.

Albeit its effort, there have still existed more than 3070 makeshift/‘dass’ classes wherein over 300 thousand pupils learn under adverse circumstances like sitting on stone, under scorching sunlight, cold, wind, and with snakes and lizards.

Dignity of Tigrians and values of Tigrai

Development of Tigrian language, culture and history is one of the principal activities TDA has been working on since its inception in 1989 G.C through encouraging and supporting individuals and organizations who write books, film/dram scripts, and make films and dramas in Tigrigna about history, dignity, values and cultures of Tigrai.  

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